Digital Frontiers recently released its 2022 MRME Report. The Digital Frontiers MRME Report uncovers the impact of our courses, knowledge resources, and continuous professional development. These reports showcase inspiring stories of transformation, illustrating how our courses, knowledge resources, and communities of practice have enhanced the capabilities of individuals, organisations, and countries.

Through this report, we offer insights into the remarkable results achieved through delivering exceptional learning experiences, our opportunities for continuous professional development and how we are connecting ecosystems globally.

Join us today as we chat to Prudence, who is one of our Gender Equality Changemakers, who has conducted her capstone project on the topic of Gender gaps in the organisation, anti-discrimination and sexual harassment policies, and sex-disaggregated data

Prudence engaged the Alliance for Financial Inclusion to provide technical assistance to conduct a gender audit in the organisation. She also engaged the Federation of Employers to provide a platform to educate employers on how the gender agenda can transform organisations to become employers of choice. She is currently in the process of developing a Gender Technical Working Committee to drive gender change within institutions, which will be chaired by the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, with the Centre of Financial Inclusion as the secretariat.

Read more about the impact and outputs of the Digital Frontiers Gender Equality Changemakers Programme here.

To view our full MRME Report, follow this link.