Digital Frontiers recently released its 2022 MRME Report. The Digital Frontiers MRME Report uncovers the impact of our courses, knowledge resources, and continuous professional development. These reports showcase inspiring stories of transformation, illustrating how our courses, knowledge resources, and communities of practice have enhanced the capabilities of individuals, organisations, and countries.

Through this report, we offer insights into the remarkable results achieved through delivering exceptional learning experiences, our opportunities for continuous professional development and how we are connecting ecosystems globally.

Join us today as we chat to Jacinta Anyinge, a Senior Principal Legal Officer at the Bank of Uganda, a programme alumnus and a DFIS (Digital Financial Inclusion Supervision) CoP facilitator for the DFIS East Africa CoP. Her professional role includes drafting, reviewing, and proposing policies and laws for reforming the financial sector, providing legal opinions, preparing contracts, and attending regional and international committee meetings as a representative of the Central Bank of Uganda.

In September 2020, Uganda passed the National Payment Systems Act. In 2022, four relevant regulations were developed: (1) The National Payment Systems Regulation; (2) the National Payment Systems Agent Regulation; (3) the National Payment Systems Consumer Protection Regulation, (4) and the National Payment Systems Sandbox Regulation.

Ms Anyinge spearheaded the legal work for all four regulations. Using knowledge gained from the DFIS courses, she enriched the drafting of the Consumer Protection Regulation, applied a risk-based approach in the development of the National Payment Systems Act Regulation, and integrated practices on stakeholder engagement in the drafting of all four regulations. Using the Toronto Centre Action planning procedure, she engaged various internal and external stakeholders to gather essential information to develop forward-looking, futuristic policies.

Ms Anyinge joins us today to further unpack the early signs of success and potential impact in her work.

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