A new movement aims to drive 20% of the world’s future jobs toward solving the world’s greatest challenges.

Digital Frontiers Launches TwentyforGood to Direct 20% of Future Jobs Towards Solving the World’s Greatest Challenges 

As we face a pressing reskilling crisis in a rapidly evolving world, where 85% of jobs will be new by 2030, and half of all employees will need reskilling, the need for job-creating ecosystems in SDG-net-positive innovations is more critical than ever. By 2030, 375 million youths will join the African job market alone, pushing the workforce to over a billion people, the largest in the world. Globally, 800 million youths will lack the necessary skills to enter the workforce by 2030. 

While traditional trade and commerce will continue to adapt its workforce to this rapidly evolving future, we must ask: Where will the innovations and workforce contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals come from? Who will invent future jobs and define the skills to solve the world’s greatest challenges? Who will be the entrepreneurs or employers? What could job-creating ecosystems in SDG-net-positive innovations look like? How can we turn the young and growing workforce in low- and middle-income countries into a workforce for good? 

Digital Frontiers has launched a new multi-stakeholder movement called TwentyforGood. The initiative aims to direct at least 20% of the world’s future workforce towards SDG Innovations, equip them with the necessary skills, and stimulate job-creating ecosystems to provide them with jobs and opportunities while making a positive impact.

Read or download the press release here.

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