We are an organisation driven by our purpose towards impact.

We are committed to enabling the workforce for good with the capabilities and human connections to solve the world's greatest challenges.

We utilise thorough monitoring and evaluation practices and independent assessments to measure our impact. Our approach includes comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data analysis, incorporating survey data, in-person interviews and focus groups. Explore our eight years of measuring impact: 



For the past eight years, Digital Frontiers has diligently monitored and measured the impact of our initiatives, courses and programmes. Our focus has been on tracking the reach and recipients of these initiatives. Throughout the evaluation process, students and alumni consistently expressed high satisfaction with our courses. They highlight improvements in knowledge, expanded awareness of international case studies, broadened networks, and increased opportunities within their respective sector. Furthermore, they report heightened confidence in applying their newfound knowledge in workplaces or communities of practice (CoPs). Explore our Interactive Impact Tool to dissect our 2023 independent Outcomes Evaluation Report.


Explore our collection of insightful infographics. Dive into the extensive impact we’ve generated across various communities, industries and sectors.

Case Studies

Experience the real-world impact of Digital Frontiers through our compelling case studies. Explore our case studies:

Institution Case Study: Bangladesh Bank

Institution Case Study: Accion International

Institution Case Study: Bank of Kigali

Institution Case Study: The MTN Group

Country Case Study: Uganda

Country Case Study: Zambia



This is my Journey Series

Recognising the profound impact of individual stories and their ability to inspire, we’ve teamed up with remarkable individuals to share their transformative journeys as Certified Digital Finance Practitioners and Gender Equality Changemakers. Check out our “This is My Journey” campaign, a captivating YouTube playlist showcasing inspiring student journeys:

#ThisIsMyJourney Feature 1 | Maxime Lokossi

Digital Frontiers Institute

#ThisIsMyJourney Feature 2 | Ophelia Ama Oni​

Digital Frontiers Institute


Discover insightful podcast interviews with experts and thought leaders who are at the forefront of driving change and spearheading innovation in their fields.

Qualitative Impact

Explore the compelling journeys of individuals whose lives and careers have been transformed by our distinctive methodologies. Dive into these impact narratives where innovation, progress and breakthroughs create ripples of change.


Dr Ethel Chiwara Mupambwa, Zimbabwe
Our Certified Digital Finance Practitioner (CDFP) graduate, Dr Ethel Chiwara Mupambwa, … read more


Digital Financial Inclusion Supervision (DFIS) graduate, Trinidad and Tobago
Our Digital Financial Inclusion Supervision (DFIS) graduate’s research shaped the E-Money … read more


Hussam Hammad, Jordan
Our Instant and Inclusive Payments Systems (IIPS) graduate and Project Manager … read more
Dr Ethel Chiwara Mupambwa, Zimbabwe
Our Certified Digital Finance Practitioner (CDFP) graduate, Dr Ethel Chiwara Mupambwa, is championing inclusive economic growth through her pivotal role as a Founding Trustee at MoneyMart Finance. MoneyMart Finance is advancing sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic development, alongside promoting full and productive employment opportunities for all. Ethel’s dedication manifested notably through her facilitation of microloan funding, strategically empowering Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and reinforcing MoneyMart Finance’s steadfast commitment to grassroots economic development.

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