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At Digital Frontiers, we are committed to empowering individuals to rise in their careers, become catalysts for change and ultimately solve the world’s biggest and most pressing problems.  

To measure our impact, we employ rigorous monitoring and evaluation practices. Our approach includes robust quantitative and qualitative data analytics through the analysis of survey data, in-person interviews and focus groups with alumni, employers, and influential figures from various sectors, including development and the public sectors. 

We are an organisation driven by our purpose towards impact.  


2023 Capacity Built Infographic

Building Human Connections Globally

Communities of Practice

Our Communities of Practice are a core element of our capacity building programmes. We maintain several professional Communities of Practice (CoPs) across the globe where our students meet face-to-face regularly to discuss industry-wide innovations and challenges and how these play out in their local market context. They have the opportunity to engage with their peers and foster communication, cooperation, knowledge sharing, and innovation. Our CoP’s play a crucial role in us achieving our purpose.

Alliance of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations

Alliance of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations (AllianceDFA) establishes, strengthens, and represents Digital Finance and Fintech Associations (DFAs) to drive local digital financial services that are inclusive and enable resilience and economic growth. AllianceDFA convenes their members, catalyse action, and are the global voice of the profession. View the 2023 AllianceDFA Annual Report here.

Digital Finance

Capacity in digital finance professionals & service providers has increased.
Institutional capacity for digital finance Regulation has increased in both regulators & digital finance providers.
As a result, digital finance policies, regulations & directives have been developed or adapted by our alumni.
Cross-sector collaboration has increased resulting in new country-based initiatives along policy, product, customer needs and inclusion.


Gender capacity and mobilisation of a global network of changemakers among digital finance professionals and service providers who accelerate the progress toward gender equality within organisations has increased.
The body of knowledge of professionals with an understanding of the tools and techniques to develop changes in organisational behaviour and attitudes toward gender equality has expanded.
Increased number of organisations that adopt policies and practices which encourages and rely on the efforts of Gender Equality Changemakers and undertake gender equality change projects.
Reduction in systemic and systematic gender policy gaps which in turn reduces the prevalence of gender inequality and imbalances of gender based power dynamics within organisations.

Digital Frontiers Impact Reports: Empowering Capacities for Inclusive Digital Finance, Gender Equity and Inclusive Digital Economies 

The Digital Frontiers Impact Reports uncover the profound impact of our courses, knowledge resources, and continuous professional development. These reports showcase inspiring stories of transformation, illustrating the wide-ranging influence of our initiatives in empowering individuals, organisations, and countries.  

Case Studies

Our case studies bring to life our impact stories on the ground. They highlight how the work of DF has had an impact on individuals, organisations and national agendas.

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