Our Impact

As an organisation Digital Frontiers has impact as our key indicator of success. Our programmes and services are built in such a way that impact is always an outcome of the work we do, whether that is for an individual who can rise in their career, an organisation who builds more inclusive products and services, or a government who ensures access and equality become a national priority. 

We track our own value as a capacity building institution by monitoring and measuring the impact we have on practitioners, organisations and even countries that our programmes touch. Our monitoring and evaluation exercises included analysis of survey data, in-person focus groups of alumni, employers and sectoral players such as the development and public sectors. 

Capacity Built

As an organisation we are building human capacity in Digital Financial Services, Gender Equality, Inclusive Digital Economies, Instant and Inclusive Payment Systems and Digital Financial Inclusion Supervision and equipping these professionals, who understand the nuances of each market they work in, with the knowledge, network, and confidence they need to work towards solving these complex global issues in their local context.  You can view the breadth and depth of the capacity we have built here. 

Building Human Connections Globally

Communities of Practice

Our Communities of Practice are a core element of our capacity building programmes. We maintain several professional Communities of Practice (CoPs) across the globe where our students meet face-to-face regularly to discuss industry-wide innovations and challenges and how these play out in their local market context. They have the opportunity to engage with their peers and foster communication, cooperation, knowledge sharing, and innovation. Our CoP’s play a crucial role in us achieving our purpose.

Alliance of Digital Finance Associations

The Alliance of Digital Finance Associations (ADFA) acts as the voice of the digital finance profession and provides a global focal point for the exposure and credibility of the industry. ADFA will also promote the international exchange of knowledge and industry best practices and facilitate opportunities and partnerships for their members to collaborate within themselves and with other stakeholders with the aim of contributing to financial inclusion and increased uptake of digital financial services.

Inclusive Digital Finance Profession – Impact Report:

In 2016, Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) set out to build an inclusive digital finance profession distinct from banking, specifically in low- and middle-income countries. This report extracts stories of impact on how our courses, knowledge resources and communities of practice have strengthened capacity in individuals, organisations and countries.

Case Studies

Our case studies bring to life our impact stories on the ground. They highlight how the work of DF has had an impact on individuals, organisations and national agendas.

Work with us

Do you have an initiative of your own that you’d like to work with us on? Or a human capital gap that you need to fill? If you are interested in funding, contributing, or partnering on any of our initiatives get in touch with us here.


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