Our Work

Comprehensive Capacity Building

Over the years we at Digital Frontiers have become synonymous with delivering comprehensive capacity building programmes that focus on bridging and building professions that are aligned with helping achieve the SDGs. We take a holistic approach to conceptualising, building, delivering and managing these scalable and replicable multi-country programmes, which are managed & measured for impact.

Our methodology has been proven to support the creation of a new profession in Digital Financial Services and we are now using this approach to create the professions of the future in low-to-middle income countries in the Global South. We believe that by building human capacity on the ground we will see a shift in locally-led development.


We work with industry thought leaders, subject matter experts and the broader development community to build out programmes that support the emergence and bridging of professions that are aligned with helping achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.


Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) delivers exceptional learning experiences and opportunities for continuous professional development for organisations and their employees in the development, public and private sector, with a specific focus on developing capabilities in low to middle income countries.  

Continuous Professional Development

As part of our comprehensive and holistic approach to capacity building, we ensure that we provide opportunities for continuous professional development and cooperation for our students and alumni in several ways, including our in-person communities of practice, our online communities, webinars, podcasts, seminars and various other forms of engagement.


Our League of Professionals

The League of Professionals for both Digital Finance and Gender are maintained by DFI for current students and alumni to come together and share knowledge and experiences, discuss ideas and new developments, and ultimately help increase the knowledge-base and cultivate peer learning opportunities for professional development and advocacy.


of Practice

DFI maintains several professional Communities of Practice across the world. Meeting face-to-face regularly and talking through industry-wide challenges, these communities put students in direct contact with their peers in the industry and foster communication, cooperation, knowledge sharing and innovation.


Knowledge Bank

The sheer number of blogs, articles, research papers and webinars out there can be staggering and finding the resource you need to address the challenges can be difficult. That’s why DFI maintains an extensive and free-to-use bank of all the knowledge and resources we use in our courses or discover during our own research.


The Alliance of Digital Finance Associations acts as the voice of the digital finance profession and provides a global focal point for exposure and credibility of the industry.  The Alliance will also promote the international exchange of knowledge and industry best practice and facilitate opportunities and partnerships for their members to collaborate within themselves and with other stakeholders with the aim of contributing to financial inclusion and increased uptake of digital financial services.

The Pathway to 17 Summit acts as a platform for industry peers and experts to explore some of the innovations and advances in specific agendas that focus on developing capacity to support the achievement of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.  It also provides attendees with an opportunity to engage with peers and grow their network, as well as join some of the newly established professional associations in Africa and Asia.

Work with us

Do you have an initiative of your own that you’d like to work with us on? Or a human capital gap that you need to fill? If you are interested in funding, contributing, or partnering on any of our initiatives get in touch with us here.


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